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Cloning Around in the Cloud on IBM i


I just got back from a customer visit where I heard that the executives were frustrated because they could not move their IBM i applications to the cloud like they could with all of their other platforms. Chalk one up for another pernicious myth about the IBM i.

The reality is that all the capabilities you would expect from an open systems Cloud provider are now available for the IBM i. My next couple of posts will describe some of the great things you can do using IBM i in the Cloud. Today, let’s talk about instant cloning.

Let’s say you want to upgrade the IBM i operating system from 7.3 to 7.4. However, you want to test the upgrade before doing a live conversion. Previously, you would have to try and build a duplicate of your production partition. You would need to set up all the configuration files, users, job descriptions, etc. and install your applications. That process could take weeks or months. No longer. With the new Cloud solutions, you can copy an entire partition with just a few clicks of the mouse. The new copy will be an exact duplicate of the original. It will have all the configuration settings, user settings, job, security and network settings as the original. It will also have all the applications and data. You can then run your upgrade and see how it works. If you don’t like the results, you can simply destroy the copied partition, recreate it and start over.

You can do the same thing for application testing. Do you want to run multiple tests but start each time with the data at a known state? Create a test partition and then save it as a template. You can then run your tests. When you are done, you can destroy that partition and recreate it from the template. You are now ready to test with the data back at its original state. By doing this in the cloud, you can easily grab additional resources if you need them for the copy and test process. The best part is that you only pay for the resources you are using while you are using them. Pay by the hour, the day, the month or the year.

Importantly, not only can you do this copying with the IBM i, you can also include the Windows, Linux and Unix servers that surround the IBM i. So, you can easily copy the entire application ecosystem and recreate it as often as you need.

So, stop delaying that system or application upgrade. Move to the Cloud and from now on do upgrades the fast, low cost and low-risk way! Contact us to find out how.

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