RPG + Python: What to Expect as a First-Time Python Developer

The Similarities Between RPG and Python

If you’re an experienced RPG developer looking to expand your skills into Python, you may be wondering – just how different are these languages really?

While RPG and Python share some common procedural programming concepts, Python offers a more flexible, scalable approach for modern application development. As you get started with Python, being aware of the key similarities and differences will help you translate your hard-earned RPG knowledge into Python fluency. Importantly, Python was specifically designed to be easy to learn.

First, the good news. RPG and Python share quite a few fundamentals in common:

With these similarities, you can leverage your existing logic and problem-solving skills when learning Python. The core programming concepts transfer over.

Key Differences Between RPG and Python

However, Python introduces some key differences from RPG that are important to understand:

Integrating Python with IBM i Systems

While Python offers many advantages for modern application development, integrating Python code with core IBM i systems can present challenges. Eradani Connect provides a seamless bridge between Python and IBM i applications. Eradani Connect allows developers to easily call Python modules from RPG and RPG programs from Python.

With Eradani Connect, Python developers can securely access IBM i applications, data, and business logic using simple APIs. APIs abstract away the complexities of integrating with DB2, RPG, COBOL, CL, and other native IBM i assets.

Developers can use modern Python web frameworks and tools while still leveraging critical IBM i components. Eradani Connect handles all the translation and connectivity.

With robust APIs and out-of-the-box integrations, Eradani Connect streamlines building the next generation of Python applications on IBM i.

Embrace the Possibilities

While these differences may seem daunting at first, see them as gateways to writing more agile, scalable, and maintainable code. Lean on the RPG experience you have while embracing Python’s versatile approach. With some practice translating your procedural RPG code, you’ll come to appreciate the power and possibilities of Python development. And remember, Python was actually built to be easy to learn and use.

So don’t be intimidated as you get started with Python! Focus on the key similarities with RPG to set your foundation. Then explore the differences through hands-on Python coding to unlock your full potential as a multi-lingual developer. 

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