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API Safety for IBM i Infrastructure, Operations, and Architecture

IBM i API Management from the Systems and Operations Perspective: Monitoring, Logging, Security, Performance, Troubleshooting, User Satisfaction, and more!

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60 Minutes


API Safety for IBM i Infrastructure, Operations, and Architecture: Maximizing Security, Performance, and User Satisfaction


APIs are everywhere today, and the IBM i is no exception. Manual processes are being automated, new revenue channels are opening, data and functions are being integrated across all enterprise platforms, user experiences are being totally overhauled with open-source and low code options, and organizations are directly connecting with their customers and suppliers. 

API enablement comes with risk! How do you ensure that you are not exposing your critical systems to attacks? How do you monitor API performance to ensure your applications are responding quickly? How do you respond quickly to errors and troubleshoot problems?

Whether you are already taking advantage of the power of APIs or just starting to look into how they might help your organization, securing, managing and monitoring them must be central to your strategy.

In this webinar, we will cover the best practices that will ensure your APIs are the most secure, the fastest performing, easiest to maintain, and of course logged and auditable.

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Setting up and maintaining comprehensive API Security

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Implementing Zero Trust policies to ensure your APIs are safe and secure

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roactively monitoring API access to optimize performance and response time

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Setting up high speed infrastructure to handle high API call volumes

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Managing APIs to maximize reliability

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racking and troubleshooting API projects

We will use real world customer experiences and examples to demonstrate how the System Administrators and IBM i Operators can securely take advantage of the promise of APIs while providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction.