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Eradani Solutions for DevOps


Reduce Costs and Increase Your Productivity with Open Enterprise DevOps

Integrate your IBM i development into your enterprise DevOps strategy. Take advantage of the power and cost savings of Open Source tools like Git and Jenkins. Track your development issues in a common set of tools.
Simplify recruiting by using popular Open Source tools.  

With Eradani DevOps, you can manage IBM i code with the same free Open Source tools that you use for Open Source development. You can go to a single place to see what is happening with application changes across your enterprise. You can easily integrate your IBM i development tools with popular issue tracking systems like Jira and with IDEs like Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, Rational, and others.

Eradani Connect for DevOps

With Eradani DevOps, you can include management of your native IBM i applications with the rest of your enterprise applications in a common set of tools. All of your code will reside in one repository so it can be versioned, backed up, and managed together. Code changes can be promoted and deployed synchronously across all of your platforms, including the IBM i.  

Eradani DevOps dramatically simplifies management of multi-platform applications that include the IBM i.


How Eradani Helps

OpenSource Developers

Open Source Developers

Manage IBM i code with the same tools you use for Open Source

Eliminate errors by promoting and deploying your IBM i code synchronously with your Open Source changes

Version and backup your IBM i code along with your Open Source code

IBMi Developers

IBM i Developers

Use the same popular, low cost DevOps solutions that are available to your Open Source colleagues

Automate the unique build and deploy process- es required by IBM i applications

Take advantage of the power of distributed versioning tools like Git and build automation tools like Jenkins

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CTOs and VPs of IT

Securely manage all of your code across all of your platforms in a single set of DevOps tools

Reduce DevOps costs by using Open Source solutions

Simplify recruiting by using standard, popular Open Source tools for your IBM i code