True Git-Based DevOps
Without Restrictions

100 Million Users and Counting

Use Git, the most popular version control tool in the world, for your IBM i application development. With Eradani DevOps, you can use Git just the way over 100 million developers around the world are using it. And when you add Eradani iBuild and iDeploy, you have everything you need to manage your entire IBM i application development lifecycle with the latest DevOps tools.

Freedom to Choose Your Flavor of Git Hosting

In keeping with our Open philosophy, Eradani never forces you to choose a particular Git hosting vendor or version. Use the same repository the rest of your organization uses to ensure all source code is in one place. Whether you choose GitLab, GitHub, Azure DevOps, or Bitbucket — hosted, on-prem on your IBM i, or in your private cloud — we have you covered.

A New Approach to IBM i Change Management

Designed with a new approach, Eradani DevOps replaces monolithic legacy change management platforms with the same tools and components used by the other platforms in your organization. Our approach to DevOps is to keep our components light and minimally invasive — only doing what’s needed to integrate the IBM i successfully with standard Git-based repositories and to allow for running IBM i builds and deploying to your IBM i environments.

Leverage Integrations for Complete CI/CD Tooling

Eradani DevOps uses the integration capabilities of your Git repository to add 3rd-party tools to your DevOps workflow. Use popular backlog management solutions like Jira, ServiceNow, and Azure Boards. Get a jumpstart by using AI-generated RPG code ideas through GitHub Copilot. Ensure continuous quality by integrating with Sonar Qube or other code-scanning solutions.

Access Git Commands from Where You Like to Code

Eradani DevOps lets you continue developing in the best environment for you. Our product includes built-in Git commands that can be invoked from RDi, PDM, or our VSCode plug-in.


Leading Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Vendor Meets Compliance Deadline For IBM i Source Code to be in Azure DevOps

A leading Warehouse Management Software (WMS) company issued a corporate mandate to bring all source code into their corporate-approved repository, Azure DevOps. With a deadline of 90 days, their IBM i team needed a solution that would allow them to use Azure as their code repository, perform builds using the code in Azure, and be fully trained on Git-based development for IBM i

The WMS provider chose Eradani DevOps and the Eradani DevOps Bootcamp. Guided by the Eradani Onboarding and Training team, all RPG code was put through a code and build readiness process and successfully migrated to Azure DevOps on time. Additionally, their IBM i team completed training and continued to have regular coaching sessions as part of the Eradani hypercare program.

It just works.

How Our Customer Benefits From Eradani DevOps

Common tooling across all platforms ensures compliance and reduces the burden of audits.

Git-based tooling allows for concurrent development, dramatically increasing release velocity.

Integration of 3rd party tools reduces defects and improves overall code quality.

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