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Built for enterprises that require fast, secure,
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Amazon SNS
Azure Web Kafka

Azure GitHub
Bitbucket GitLab

Generate modern code.
No need to learn a new language.

InterConnected World

Eradani Assist™ lets you generate modern, powerful, secure integrations without learning new programming languages or doing the coding yourself.

AI-augmented code generators create production-ready integrations so your team can focus on higher-value work.

Use natural language to explain your integration and let Eradani Assist do the heavy lifting.

It just works.

SMT Modernizes to New REST API Web Services with Eradani Connect

Macmillan Publishers Cuts Costs with Automated Amazon Integrations

The Brunswick Corporation Produces Hundreds of APIs With Eradani Connect

The Church Extension Plan Seamlessly Connects Systems with Eradani Connect

Liquid Metal Wheels Maximizes Profits with Discount Tire Website Integrations

Eagle Systems Upgrades from Green Screens and More with Eradani Connect

See the Infinite Possibilities

Get inspired by what our customers are doing with Eradani‘s API-Enablement

Application and data integration

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It just works.

Transform Your Current IBM i Apps Into
Exceptional User Experiences

Extend your legacy IBM i application functionality by adding the most desired feature enhancements utilizing Eradani Connect’s API-enablement capability.

Instantly gain access to thousands of APIs. Eradani Connect provides pre-defined connectors that easily connect to your current IBM i application, transforming them into modern, feature-rich apps that your users will love.

It just works.


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