The Brunswick Corporation Produces Hundreds of APIs with Eradani Connect

Company Name: Brunswick Corporation

Industry: Manufacturing

Company Description: Brunswick Corporation is the global leader in marine recreation, delivering innovative, technology-driven solutions that transform experiences on the water and beyond. Brunswick partners with customers to build ecosystems that challenge convention, offering 60+ industry-leading brands. 

Challenge: As a consumer-focused enterprise, Brunswick required robust API capabilities to integrate core business systems and deliver connected product experiences. They also needed to automate communication between their ERP and other internal systems responsible for maximizing factory floor resources:

  1. Shop Floor Planning: To maximize manufacturing throughput and ensure raw material availability, Brunswick needed a catalog of APIs that would allow an internal, custom-built planning application to communicate in real-time to their IBM i-based ERP.
  2. Amazon Integration: To expand their e-commerce presence, Brunswick pursued integrating inventory and order management with Amazon’s systems using APIs to feed consumer-facing CPQ (configure/price/quote) functions for each boat brand. 

Their IT teams faced hurdles extracting legacy assets as APIs and orchestrating integration workflows across multiple cloud platforms, such as Apigee and Amazon Web Services.

Solution: Brunswick adopted Eradani Connect’s powerful integration platform to accelerate their API-enablement initiatives. The company achieved real-time integration between factory floor optimization systems and the ERP running on IBM i.

On the Amazon integration front, Eradani streamlined connectivity between Brunswick’s systems and Amazon for syncing inventory, capturing orders, and sharing logistics data, all via APIs that provide data to the web in real-time. Brunswick now has hundreds of APIs in production thanks to Eradani Connect.


Accelerated API Delivery: The company rapidly created APIs using Eradani’s self-service tools with minimal effort from development resources.

Factory Floor Optimization: Seamless communication between in-house applications provided real-time equipment scheduling capability, allowing for maximum efficiency.

Streamlined E-commerce: API connectivity with Amazon-optimized inventory/order management created a direct, real-time shopping experience for thousands of new customers.

Future-Proof Architecture: Brunswick’s Apigee API gateway and Google Cloud environment provided an agile integration fabric.

“We bought Eradani Connect not just because it is a great product but also because their staff was there to help us succeed. We were new to APIs and open source, so we relied heavily on the Eradani experts. Eradani is a partner we trust,” Tim Wright, Technical Application Manager.