SMT Modernizes With RESTful APIs

Company Name: Southwestern Motor Transport, Inc. 

Industry: Trucking/Transportation

Company Description: Southwestern Motor Transport (SMT) has been a trusted name in freight transportation and shipping for nearly a century. Customers rely on SMT for their always-on operations, fast response times, and cutting-edge tools to facilitate shipping, tracking, and management.

Challenge: As SMT embarked on a journey to modernize its technology stack, one of the key hurdles was upgrading from older XML SOAP APIs to new REST API web services. However, severe issues with SMT’s previous provider essentially shut down their operations as they grappled with maintaining API performance and uptime.

Solution: To get operations back on track, SMT switched to Eradani Connect’s modern integration platform. Eradani’s robust API management and connectivity solutions provided the reliability and flexibility SMT needed. “Everyone else is a Yugo, and Eradani is a Ferrari; it’s about as simple as you can get,” stated Robert Bernal, SMT’s Vice President of Information Technology.


Restored Reliability & Performance: Eradani’s integration platform was instrumental in ensuring SMT’s critical APIs operated with lightning-fast response times and zero downtime, significantly improving their operations.

Future-Proof Connectivity: “Eradani Connect rejuvenates platforms and makes it all agnostic, which is a competitive advantage,” Bernal stated. “Now the whole world is opened up to them, and they can talk to anyone and everyone.”

Ongoing Expert Support: SMT appreciated the hands-on assistance from Eradani’s experienced team in fully leveraging the platform’s capabilities.