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High Security, Maximum Performance, Comprehensive Monitoring, and Real-Time Alerts Right Out-Of-The-Box

The Most Advanced Security Technology

With its support for hundreds of security options, Eradani Connect gives you the flexibility to choose the right security protocols for the job. Whether it’s HTTP basic, API keys, JWTs, TLS, OAuth2, SSO with Active Directory, LDAP, Kerberos, or SAML, Eradani Connect is ready to help you keep your systems and data safe.

Architected for High-Speed Processing

Every component of Eradani Connect is designed to maximize throughput, optimize response time, and minimize resource use. Since it can run on any platform (IBM i, Windows, UNIX, Linux), Eradani Connect can be horizontally scaled onto multiple servers as requests volumes increase. Customers use Eradani Connect to process thousands of records per second while providing industry leading response time.

Redundancy and Deployment Capabilities

Eradani Connect comes equipped with built-in redundancy and deployment capabilities, ensuring that your APIs are always available and can be updated without any downtime. This means you can focus on developing your APIs while Eradani Connect takes care of the infrastructure and deployment complexities.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Logging

With Eradani Connect, you have access to comprehensive monitoring and logging features that provide deep insights into your API’s performance and health. If an error occurs, you can quickly troubleshoot the issue using the detailed logs that capture everything that happened around the error. During normal processing, you can easily check the status of your APIs, including messages processed, current processing load, and system health.

Proactive Alerts and Notifications

Eradani Connect includes notification modules that proactively alert you via email, SMS, or push notifications if any errors occur within your APIs. This enables you to respond to issues quickly, often before your customers even notice a problem. By staying informed and proactive, you can maintain a high level of API reliability and customer satisfaction.


A Distributor Unifies Data into a Single View by Connecting
External Data to IBM i Apps via APIs

A major electronics distributor needed to connect their Python, web-based e-Commerce application to their IBM i pricing programs in order to provide accurate quotes. Their pricing algorithm was very complex and had to integrate customer data, purchase history, item category information, order volume, and special sale data into the quoting process. Rewriting the logic in the web application was a non-starter.

They chose Eradani Connect. Through its API-enablement capability, they were able to connect their Python e-Commerce code to the RPG pricing program in a way that supported the high performance that they needed for satisfactory performance.

It just works.

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How Our Customer Benefits From Eradani Connect

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Improved customer satisfaction from high speed, extremely responsive connections

Increased productivity and responsiveness through rapid creation of new APIs

Reduced costs and improved maintenance as applications on both sides (Python & RPG) evolved

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