Application and Data Integration APIs

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Safely Replace Manual Processes
with APIs

Companies in every industry are increasing productivity and responsiveness by replacing cumbersome manual processes with automated, easily configuratble connections using APIs. Whether you need to share information across disparate platforms internally, provide access externally to your customers and partners, or access customer and partner data and functions from your applications, you can do it quickly and securely with APIs.


A Distributor Unifies Data into a Single View by Connecting
External Data to IBM i Apps via APIs

A major electronics distributor needed to connect their Python, web-based e-commerce application to their IBM i pricing programs in order to provide accurate quotes. Their pricing algorithm was very complex and had to integrate customer data, purchase history, item category information, order volume, and special sale data into the quoting process. Rewriting the logic in the web application was a non-starter.

They chose Eradani Connect. Through its API-enablement capability, they were able to connect their Python e-commerce code to the RPG pricing program in a way that supported the high performance that they needed for satisfactory performance.

It just works.

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How Our Customer Benefits From Eradani Connect

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Improved customer satisfaction from high speed, extremely responsive connections

Increased productivity and responsiveness through rapid creation of new APIs

Reduced costs and improved maintenance as applications on both sides (Python & RPG) evolved

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Application and Data Integration APIs?

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