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Fast, Flexible EDI Without the EDI Platform

Handle All of Your EDI Documents with Eradani Connect’s New EDI Module

Eradani Connect EDI lets you do everything you need with EDI documents from your IBM i. Send, receive, parse, and transform EDI data right from Eradani Connect.

Eliminate Delays with DIY EDI

Coming Soon – Use Eradani Connect to set up new EDI partners and build custom mappings without waiting for your vendor. Take complete control over your EDI destiny.

Unlimited Transactions for One Price

It’s common for EDI vendors to meter all transactions and charge you for them—even on top of their platform fees. Eradani does not charge by transaction, regardless of your volume.

We Don’t Force You to the Cloud

It’s your data, so you should choose where you want it processed. Eradani Connect EDI can be hosted on-prem or in your private cloud. Eradani does not force you to host in an Eradani cloud.


A Leading Transportation and Logistics Company Switches to Eradani Connect EDI for Continued On-Premise Control and Predictable Costs

A prominent transportation and logistics company had been using an on-premise EDI solution from a vendor that unexpectedly went out of business. This left the company in a difficult position, as they were no longer under maintenance support and relied heavily on EDI for their daily operations. While many competitors offered cloud-based EDI solutions, the company’s leadership, particularly the Director of the Board, strongly preferred to keep their EDI processes on-premise to maintain full control.

They chose Eradani Connect EDI. As an existing IBM i shop, they wanted a proven on-premise solution that would integrate seamlessly with their IBM i systems and wouldn’t require dependence on external cloud vendors. With Eradani Connect EDI, they could bring their mission-critical EDI processing in-house on their IBM i platform, with which their internal team was already intimately familiar.

It just works.

How Our Customer Benefits From Eradani Connect EDI

One flat annual fee eliminates surprises and makes EDI costs predictable.

No transaction fees mean your cost will never increase due to EDI volume. 

High-performance transaction processing reduces required IBM i resources and increases the speed at which data moves through your business processes.

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