Macmillan Publishers Cuts Costs with Amazon Integrations

Company Name: Macmillan Publishers

Industry: Publishing

Company Description: Founded in 1843, Macmillan is one of the “Big 5” publishers dominating the English language book market. As a venerable industry leader, Macmillan has had to rapidly adapt its business model as book purchasing shifted online through major retailers like Amazon.

Challenge: While online retail giants provide immense market reach, their transaction fees can take a big bite out of profits. For Macmillan, chargebacks from Amazon alone were costing over $1 million annually. 

Solution: Macmillan turned to Eradani Connect to build out integrations with Amazon’s systems and streamline their order and fulfillment processes. Using Eradani’s modern integration platform, they implemented:

  • Amazon Shipment Update Integration (38% of business)
  • FedEx Ground Integration
  • EDI Amazon Vendor Central Integration
  • Sending POs to Google Pub/Sub for billing via Manhattan Associates TMS
  • Project44 Integration for visibility


Reduced Transaction Costs: Macmillan saves over $1 million annually in chargebacks by circumventing transaction fees by integrating directly with Amazon’s APIs.

Streamlined Fulfillment Processes: Automated integrations with Amazon, logistics providers like FedEx, Manhattan TMS, and visibility from Project 44 have optimized Macmillan’s order management and shipment logistics.

Future-Proof Integration Architecture: Macmillan’s transition from legacy integrations to Eradani’s modern API integration platform is a strategic move that ensures their integration architecture is future-proofed, providing long-term benefits and adaptability.