Eagle Systems Rejuvenates Legacy Systems with Eradani Connect

Company Name: Eagle Systems

Industry: Trucking/Transportation

Company Description: Eagle Systems is an intermodal drayage leader, safely performing container moves at ports and rail yards nationwide through their network of 21 terminals. The company prides itself on cutting-edge technology that improves visibility and efficiency and exceeds client expectations. However, their core technology landscape remained anchored to legacy platforms like Synon 2E, Visual LANSA, and Citrix Virtual Desktops, creating a pressing need for modernization.

Challenge: As customer expectations evolved, Eagle Systems recognized that their outdated user interfaces and disconnected systems put them at risk of losing their competitive edge. They required a comprehensive strategy to modernize core applications cost-effectively without sacrificing decades of capabilities built into those systems.

Solution: To breathe new life into their legacy environment, Eagle Systems turned to Eradani Connect and its powerful API integration capabilities. By leveraging Eradani’s modern integration platform, they could connect back-end systems with an updated front-end built on Node.js and React. This connection exposed legacy application functionality through an intuitive, brand-new user interface. As Chreston Knutson, VP of IT for Eagle Administrative Services, stated: “Eradani is the bridge that kept us from purchasing a multi-million dollar high-risk SaaS software replacement.”


Revitalized User Experience: Customers and employees now interact with the company through a sleek, user-friendly React-based UI, a significant upgrade from outdated green screens.

Maximized Existing Investments: Instead of replacing functional legacy systems entirely, Eradani enabled their reuse and extension with modern capabilities.

Accelerated Innovation: Decoupling front-end and back-end allowed for the rapid development of new user experiences leveraging APIs without disruptive re-platforming.

Streamlined Deployments: An API-centric architecture simplified deploying application enhancements across the integrated environment.