Automate the Customer Buying Experience, Without Coding It Yourself


Are you interested in finding new customers and improving your customers’ buying experience? Would it save you money and increase responsiveness if you could automate the order entry, invoicing, and fulfillment business processes? Would you like functions like shopping carts, instant price and shipping quotes, automated acknowledgements and customer reviews?

Many IBM i users are getting all of these capabilities by integrating their IBM i applications with eCommerce platforms like Magento Commerce. But the real power of using an eCommerce site comes from automating the integration between the eCommerce site and your back end IBM i applications.

The Power of eCommerce Integration with Existing ERPs

By leveraging the investment you have already made in your existing IBM i native applications, you avoid the need to engage in a complex, risky rewrite effort. All the business processing logic remains on your IBM i, while the eCommerce site provides the customer self-service buying experience.

For example, we have customers who are using JD Edwards applications (World, E1) to manage their business, but wanted to provide a leading-edge buying experience. To address this need, Eradani has partnered with Briteskies. While Briteskies have years of experience helping customers plan and implement eCommerce initiatives using technology like Magento and applications like JD Edwards, using Eradani Connect as the API layer allows  Briteskies to help these customers rapidly integrate their existing JDE applications with eCommerce platforms like Magento.

Using the integration, your eCommerce site will have current inventory information and will be able to provide accurate price quotes based on the latest information. When a customer orders, the order can be immediately sent to the IBM i application back end to kick off the fulfillment and invoicing process. As the order makes its way through processing and shipping, status updates can be sent to the eCommerce site so the customer is always kept up-to-date. These are just some of the wonderful ways Eradani Connect can be used by IBM i shops looking to streamline their eCommerce processes.

To find out more how you can bring eCommerce integration to your IBM i applications, join us for our free webinar with BriteSkies on October 14th.

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