Revolutionizing Customer Service with IBM i, Text Messaging, and AI Integration 

Top Technology Trends for IBM i Professionals: Part I


Imagine a world where your customers can effortlessly make changes to their orders without the need for a lengthy conversation with a customer service representative. Picture a world where your IBM i applications can intelligently communicate with your customers, understand their needs, and provide personalized solutions. This world is possible through the power of integrating text messaging and artificial intelligence (AI) with your IBM i systems.

Streamlining Customer Interactions

Picture this scenario: a customer receives an order acknowledgment via text message and realizes they must make a few changes. Instead of hunting down their customer number or order details, they can simply reply to the text message with their requested modifications. Seamlessly integrated with your IBM i, your AI-powered system can interpret the customer’s natural language and update their order.

By leveraging text messaging, you can communicate directly with your customers through their registered mobile devices, eliminating the need for time-consuming identity verification processes. Your IBM i applications can generate and send order details, shipping notifications, and other important information straight to your customers’ fingertips. In addition, using text messaging and AI as your communication layer eliminates the need to create entire web or mobile applications, making the process much simpler.

Enhancing the Customer Experience with AI

The integration of AI takes this customer interaction to the next level. Your AI-powered system can analyze customer data, purchase history, and preferences to provide personalized recommendations and offers. For instance, if a customer’s order falls just short of qualifying for free shipping, your AI can suggest additional items that the customer frequently purchases, incentivizing them to increase their order value.

These AI-driven conversations can be as sophisticated as you desire. You can train your AI to understand complex requests, provide detailed product information, and even handle customer complaints with empathy and efficiency. By automating these interactions, you reduce the workload on your customer service team and provide a faster, more convenient experience for your customers.

Simplifying Integration with Eradani Connect

A reliable and efficient integration solution is needed to harness the power of text messaging and AI within your IBM i environment. Eradani Connect simplifies the process of securely connecting your RPG and COBOL applications with cutting-edge technologies like texting systems and AI engines.

With Eradani Connect, you can generate the necessary code to integrate these capabilities seamlessly into your IBM i applications. The generated code handles security, data validation, and transformation routines, ensuring that information flows smoothly between your IBM i and the external systems. Eradani Connect handles the complexities of integration, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Unlocking New Possibilities

Integrating text messaging and AI with your IBM i opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing customer service and streamlining business processes. The potential applications are vast, from automated order updates and personalized recommendations to proactive customer support and intelligent inventory management.

By embracing these technologies, you can differentiate your business, improve customer satisfaction, and drive operational efficiency. Your customers will appreciate the convenience and personalized attention, while your team can focus on higher-value tasks and strategic initiatives.

Take the First Step Today

If you’re ready to revolutionize your customer service and unlock the power of text messaging and AI within your IBM i environment, Eradani is here to help. Look at the rest of our website to explore real-world examples and discover how Eradani Connect can transform your business. Reach out to us to discuss your specific needs and take the first step towards a more intelligent, customer-centric future.

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