Eradani Solutions for Cloud

Bring the Cost-Effectiveness of the Cloud to You

With Eradani True Cloud for IBM i, IBM i users can now get all the cost effectiveness and productivity benefits of Cloud Computing. You can now easily take advantage of Cloud capabilities like increased computing power on demand, inexpensive backups, infrastructure cost elimination, ecosystem snapshots and test environment cloning. You can even run your IBM i in the same Cloud as your UNIX, Windows, and Linux servers, simplifying
management even further.

Eradani Connect

Eradani True Cloud for IBM i

Eradani Experts will help you get started with IBM i in the Cloud and then support you as you move forward. Eradani tools are intuitive, easy to use and designed to work in a Cloud environment to help you take full advantage of Cloud operations.  

You can easily create web-based access to your IBM i applications in the Cloud quickly using Eradani True Cloud.

Eradani Experts can help you set up secure 5250 application access to your IBM i in the Cloud for your green screen applications.

Eradani DevOps Solutions make it easy to build and deploy applications in the cloud.

How Eradani Helps

OpenSource Developers

Open Source Developers

Manage your IBM i in the same Cloud in which you manage your Windows, Unix and Linux servers

Use the same DevOps tools for deploying IBM i applications to the Cloud

Access your IBM i applications in the Cloud just like you would access any other data/program resource

IBMi Developers

IBM i Developers

Move your IBM i workloads to the Cloud with help from Eradani Experts

Get staff training and management of your IBM i in the Cloud with Eradani Experts

Eliminate the need to deal with hardware purchases and maintenance

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CTOs and VPs of IT

Eliminate the costs related to housing and maintaining a machine on premise while ensuring you are always running on the latest hardware and software

Increase development productivity and reduce costs with capacity on demand and instant cloning

Take advantage of highly secure distributed data centers to ensure your systems are safe and always available