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Why You Need Eradani Now

Cutting Edge

It’s Cutting Edge

Create the latest in Web and Mobile user experiences quickly and easily on your IBM I and say goodbye to green screens forever. Effortlessly, connect your IBM i to IoT devices and Machine Learning systems. Eradani Connect opens up your IBM i to all of the latest technologies.
Cost Effective

It’s Cost-Effective

Connect your existing IBM i applications to new technology while leveraging the significant investments you have already made in proven applications instead of engaging in an expensive, risky application rewrite. Dramatically simplify recruiting and eliminate retraining costs since Open Source developers can now access IBM i applications just like they access other applications and IBM i users can readily access Open Source just like calling an RPG program.

It’s Secure

Protect your IBM i data and applications by using Eradani Connect’s support for standard internet authentication. Eliminate the security exposure of passing IBM i credentials repeatedly across the internet or to storing them in the browser. Easily integrate IBM i access with your corporate internet authentication strategy.

It Just Works.


The Answer is Simple.

Is your organization dependent on legacy IBM i RPG or COBOL applications, causing you to feel “trapped in a green screen environment?”  Have you been wondering how to staff for this platform, frustrated that you cannot use Open Source developers with your IBM i?  Are you interested in seeing your IBM i platform behave the same way you manage every other enterprise platform?  Then, Eradani Connect is the answer.

Eradani Connect makes it easy to create the latest in User Experiences, connect with Open Source applications and take advantage of emerging technologies without rewriting or replacing all of your core application code.

It Just Works.

How Eradani Connect Helps


New User Experiences and Custom Dashboards

Leapfrog your competition and increase staff productivity by providing your employees, customers and partners with the latest user experiences. Provide your customers with a graphical 360-degree view of their business with you while proactively suggesting buying opportunities. Quickly and easily give your employees on-the-go, anywhere, anytime access to important business information via web and mobile devices. With Eradani Connect, it is easy to connect the latest in Open Source user interface technology with your existing IBM i applications.
Application Integration

Application Integration

Are your customers and partners providing opportunities for doing business with them via application to application APIs? Are they demanding that you participate in their online supply chains? Would you like to build new applications and functions in Open Source and connect them to your IBM i? With Eradani Connect it’s easy! Eradani Connect provides a translation wrapper around your RPG/COBOL/CL/DB2 applications that allow them to easily communicate with Open Source applications and APIs.

With Eradani Connect you can call APIs directly from your IBM i applications without learning Open Source technology and Open Source developers can call your IBM i applications without learning how to code on the IBM i. With Eradani Connect everyone works in the way they are most productive while securely connecting with everyone else!



Has the IBM i been an outlier in your enterprise DevOps strategy? Would you like to be able to manage all of your development with a common set of tools? Well now you can. Eradani Connect for DevOps allows you to manage your IBM i code with all of the same powerful DevOps tools that you use for other platforms. Now you can store your IBM i source code in popular version control tools like Git, build your IBM i applications with the same Make tools you use for Open Source and deploy using automation tools like Jenkins and Ansible.


With Eradani True Cloud for IBM i, you can eliminate the cost of managing on premise machines. You can stop worrying about hardware and software upgrades. You no longer need to buy and maintain excess capacity to handle spikes in processing—you can scale up and scale down on demand. With Eradani True Cloud, you can easily take a snapshot of your entire computing ecosystem and spin up copies for upgrade testing, application change testing or to revert to old versions of your system. Eradani True Cloud gives you the flexibility to cost effectively manage your IT infrastructure.