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IBM i Business-Critical Application Web Service API Integration...Easy as Pie!

With Eradani Connect’s API-enablement capabilites, you can easily integrate your IBM i applications with web data like maps, shipment tracking, and weather right from your RPG code. By connecting your applications to IoT devices, you get real-time data. This allows you to leverage all of the resources available to you on the web and from your customers and partners to improve productivity and seize emerging opportunities. Plus, our commitment to open standards with no vendor lock-in, what more could you ask?

It just works.

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Extend IBM i App Functionality Instantaneously

Eradani Connect provides you with a fast and simple way to extend your existing IBM i app’s functionality with the latest web data technology. Before, it could take weeks to create APIs for your Open Source team.  Now, with Eradani Connect’s API-enablement capabilities and just a few lines of JavaScript, Python, or other code, you can easily pass information to the IBM i or request data from IBM i applications.  Your RPG developers can add new functionality to your existing IBM i apps without ever leaving their familiar work environment.

It’s just that easy.

Take Advantage of the Plethora of APIs
to Rejuvenate Your IBM i App

With IBM’s new connector technologies and Open Source on the IBM i, you can now make your RPG applications better, stronger, and faster. Combined with Eradani Connect, these technologies provide the high performance necessary to call API functions right from within an RPG or COBOL process. Response times are measured in single-digit milliseconds, so you can now integrate new functions into your IBM i apps using Python, JavaScript, or other modern languages without worrying about performance degradation.

With Eradani Connect, gain access to the thousands of freely available APIs and Open Source components, simplify the recruitment of new engineers to work on your applications, and get total peace of mind that you are not locked into any single vendor solution.

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Why You Need Eradani Connect Now

Open, public web services

It just works.

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Need More Information on Eradani Connect?

Other similar competitive tools can lead to a dead end.  See why Eradani Connect offers a completely different approach and is worth your while to take a hard look.  Download our datasheet to learn more about how easy it is to API-enable and integrate Open Source components into your RPG applications.  Once you get started integrating data, you won’t look back.