Eradani Connect Smashes API Transaction Payload Size Restrictions for IBM i with New Big Data Connector

Revolutionary Big Data Connector removes payload limitations, boosts performance; available to all Eradani Connect customers at no extra charge

Dublin, CA – October 9, 2023 – Eradani, a recognized leader and innovator in digital transformation for IBM i, today announced the release of their groundbreaking Big Data Connector for Eradani Connect. This game-changing new capability shatters payload size restrictions and dramatically accelerates performance when sending and receiving API data with very large messages from IBM i applications.

The Eradani Connect Big Data Connector eliminates the 16MB data payload limitation and performance penalties inherent when utilizing XMLSERVICE to exchange API data with IBM i. The revolutionary Connector boosts payload sizes exponentially while maintaining optimal transfer speeds. The Big Data Connector is included at no extra cost in all Eradani Connect subscriptions.

“The Eradani Connect Big Data Connector unleashes the full power and performance of IBM i for API integration,” said Dan Magid, CEO of Eradani. “We are proud to deliver this unprecedented capability to our customers, enabling unrivaled speed, efficiency, and flexibility for digital transformation initiatives.”

Adhering to Eradani’s core philosophy of Freedom of Choice, customers can select the optimal connection technology for their architecture including ODBC, iDB, XMLSERVICE, Kafka, PUB/SUB, Bulk Data, and now the game-changing Big Data Connector.

The Eradani Connect platform provides seamless connectivity between IBM i and modern endpoints. With the new Big Data Connector, Eradani extends its position as the number one choice for enterprises needing the most scalable, high-performance API integration solution to unlock IBM i data and logic.

To learn more about maximizing IBM i application integrations with Eradani Connect visit the Eradani website.

About Eradani

Eradani’s mission is to enable our customers to transform their IBM i systems through technology and training.

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