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IBM i User Innovation & ROI Success Stories

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60 Minutes


Watch our IBM i user panel discussion to hear customer stories and strategies for driving business innovation. If you have ever worked for an organization in which your executives have pushed for “getting off the platform,” you will want to hear how these companies avoided the expense, risk, and heartache of large-scale “rip and replace” approaches as well as how they experienced substantial ROI from the latest innovations in technology. 

You’ll Learn

In this 60-minute virtual panel discussion, our customers will reveal the:


Harland Williams

Harland Williams

Director of Product Development,
Creative Data Research

Harland is an IBM systems developer on systems S32, S34, S36, AS400, IBM i for 40+ years.

Tim Love

Tim Love

Chief Information Officer, Wright National Flood Insurance Services

Tim has worked in the Open Source / Web world for almost 30 years, half of that time also with the IBM i platform.


Timothy Prickett Morgan

Timothy Prickett Morgan

President of Guild Companies Inc and Editor in Chief of its IT Jungle publications

Timothy has been keeping a keen eye on the midrange system and server markets for 15 years across multiple notable publications.

Dan Magid

Chief Executive Officer,

Dan has over 30 years leading software development companies and teams building DevOps solutions in the midrange marketplace.