Eradani iBuild


Eradani iBuild

Version 1.9.3

Eradani iBuild identifies all object dependencies and prerequisites. It automatically discovers the create commands and options used to create objects. When changes are made, you use Eradani iBuild to automatically recreate the object that has been changed and the objects that are dependent on the changed objects. Since Eradani build functions can be executed via commands, you can easily add these build functions to your current DevOps process.

Automate DevOps Processes by Using Open Source Tools

When you combine iBuild with the rest of the Eradani DevOps Suite, you can manage and automate your entire development process using the latest in open source tools. And, you have a single point of visibility and control across all of your platforms around everything that happens from the time a change request arises until you deploy the code changes into production.

Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity by Using the Latest Free Open Source Tools to Manage Your IBM i Development

Use Git for IBM i Native Code

Use all the functions of Git, the most powerful version control tool on the planet.

Utilize a Single, Secure Code Repository

Keep all your source code across all your platforms in one tool. 


Automate Creates, Dependency Builds, Approvals, Promotions, and Deployments using popular tools like Jenkins and Azure DevOps. 

Use Your Favorite Tools

Work from green screen tools like PDM and SEU or from RDI and Visual Studio Code. Use the tools you like.