IoT Monitoring and Control APIs

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Achieve Better Decision Making with a Real-Time IoT Strategy

The number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices that companies are deploying is increasing exponentially. For instance, healthcare has devices that monitor patient health, utility companies monitor usage, transportation companies track vehicles, and governments track traffic and tolls. These devices provide real-time data that facilitates rapid decision making and the ability to change direction as important information emerges.


A Distribution Company Harmonizes IBM i
IoT Communications

A distribution company shipped thousands of packages every day and needed to send detailed data about each package to their shipping company to ensure that the shipping company was appropriately receiving and routing every package.

They scanned the shipping label of each package as it went from the conveyor belt into the truck. The IoT scanners sent the data to the IBM i via an API, and the IBM i forwarded that data by calling an API provided by the transportation company. Without that automation, it would have been impossible to keep up with the volume of packages shipped.

It just works.

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How Our Customer Benefits From Eradani Connect

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Received instantaneous visibility to shipment information for better decision making and responsiveness

Achieved high speed, reliable, automated transmission of package data to the IBM i

Eliminated old, proprietary technology for gathering data

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