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Adding mobile and web user experiences to IBM i applications is more than just making the green screen applications look modern. Using new user interface technology can improve business processes and make information more readily available and usable. IBM i users are no longer limited to screen scraping technology that is dependent on the 5250 data stream. With Eradani Connect, application functions and data can be made available via APIs so you have complete flexibility in how to present and use the information.

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A Manufacturer's Customers
Get Real-Time Tracking of Shipments

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Customers of a major manufacturer wanted visibility into the exact location of their incoming shipments so they could ensure they had the staff available to unload trucks when they arrived. In order to get that information previously, the customer had to call the manufacturer’s support desk who would then call the shipper. It could take hours to get a response.

Using Eradani Connect, the manufacturer was able to API-enable their IBM i shipment application and added a responsive, Web GUI. They also added a call out from their IBM i to an API provided by their shipping companies. Now the customer can look up their shipment from a mobile device, press a shipment tracking button on the screen and in seconds get a map of the exact location and ETA of their shipment.

It just works.

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How Our Customer Benefits From Eradani Connect

Increased customer satisfaction with the ability to view truck delivery location from inside app

Reduced calls to their support desk

Established customer as technology leader

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