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Get Impactful Communication with Customers Through Notifications and Alerts

Businesses have discovered the tremendous value of being able to reach people with important information anywhere, anytime. With API enablement, using just a few lines of RPG code, you can easily send out text message alerts, emails, or other notifications to individuals or groups of people. You never be out of touch again.


Stores Increase Sales Through Timely Offer Notifications
to Loyalty Customers

A chain of yogurt stores knew that sales would drop dramatically when it was raining at the location of one of their shops. They wanted a way to keep up sales during these rainy days.

They decided to API-enable their application to call out to the weather service to get the forecast for each of their stores. If rain was in the forecast, their application would automatically send out a coupon via text message to all of their loyalty program members in the neighborhood of the store, offering a discount if they bought a yogurt within the next few hours.

With Eradani Connect and the ability to get real-time weather reports within their IBM i app, the yogurt store was able to actually increase sales at the affected stores by sending out notifications to their customers.

It just works.

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How Our Customer Benefits From Eradani Connect

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Increased sales revenue on inclimate weather days

Enhanced user engagement with their loyal customers

Improved overall customer satisfaction

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