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Why You Need Eradani Now

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It's Open

Work with IBM programs and data without waiting for IBM i experts to write stored procedures or RPG services. Access IBM i resources directly from Open Source languages like Java, JavaScript, PHP, .Net, and Python just like you would access resources on any other platform.

With Eradani Connect, the IBM i is open for business

OpenSource Standard

It’s Standard

Easily integrate the IBM i with your JavaScript, Java, Python, .Net, PHP, and other applications. Extend your reach and don’t let the IBM i be an outlier in your total computing environment. Call IBM i resources with standard REST and Open Source function calls. Manage IBM i code with Open Source tools like Git, Make, and Jenkins.

Eradani Connect makes integrating the IBM i with the rest of your development infrastructure easy.

OpenSource Secure

It's Secure

Support the same standard token-based authentication when connecting to your IBM i as you use for other platforms. Integrate your IBM i APIs with standard authentication frameworks like OAuth through Eradani Connect’s authentication functions.

With Eradani Connect, you can secure your IBM i in the same way you secure all of your other platforms.

It Just Works.

Open Source
OpenSource Dev UI

The Answer is Simple.

Eradani Connect provides a wrapper around the IBM i native resources that makes it easy to call them using standard Open Source methods. Eradani Connect will transform Open Source Web Service, function, and SQL calls into standard IBM i calls and will translate the results into JSON. With Eradani Connect, the IBM i is open and easily accessible.

It Just Works.

How Eradani Connect Helps


New User Experience and Custom Dashboards

Unlock the valuable data on your IBM i and add it to your web applications and interfaces—without learning IBM i coding. Call IBM i programs and database queries right from Open Source languages like JavaScript, Python, .Net, PHP, and other advanced technologies just like you would call any other resource.
Application Integration

Application Integration

Easily extract data from your existing IBM i systems and use it in your Open Source applications. Create connectors to send data to the IBM i and call programs on the IBM i without proprietary coding. Keep the environments in sync and simplify maintenance by automatically synchronizing changes made to data formats across both IBM i and Open Source code. Eradani Connect makes it easy!


Manage your IBM i code using the same tools as you use for Open Source development. Keep all of your code in a common repository so you can branch, merge, promote and deploy all of your code across all of your environments together. Eradani Connect for DevOps simplifies multiplatform DevOps.


Manage IBM i in the Cloud with all the same capabilities that you have for other platforms. Easily clone IBM i instances, spin up new VMs (partitions) or entire ecosystems on demand with just a few clicks. Increase and decrease capacity on demand and pay just for what you use. With Eradani True Cloud, you can get all the power of the cloud while eliminating the expenses of on-premise computing.