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Easily Integrate Web Services Into Your IBM i App

Whether you need to communicate machine-to-machine with your suppliers and customers (potentially replacing expensive, proprietary EDI systems) or if you want to access the ever expanding list of web services and other useful data available on the internet (e.g. weather, geolocation, shipping, tax, etc.), you can now do this easily by API-enabling your IBM i applications with Eradani Connect.

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Real Estate Partners Enable Instant, Accurate Quotes
from Geolocation

Real estate partners of a major insurance company wanted to be able to provide insurance quotes to potential customers as they were looking at properties on their website. In order to provide an accurate quote, the insurance company needed the geolocation information of the property.

The insurance company API-enabled their IBM i quoting system using Eradani Connect so the real estate companies could easily submit a quote request using standard open source. The insurance company also used Eradani Connect to call out to the Google maps API to get the latitude and longitude coordinates they needed to provide the quote. Customers of the real estate company can now get an up-to-date accurate quote with just a click of a button on the website.

It just works.

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How Our Customer Benefits From Eradani Connect

Quotes IoT

Increased quote volume

Established a new, potentially lucrative, go-to-market strategy

Enhanced relationship with Partner

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