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Warp Speed IBM i Modernization with APIs

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February 24, 2021

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2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Eastern Standard Time
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60 Minutes


With high speed, fault tolerant, loosely coupled APIs you can now rapidly extend your IBM i applications with the latest technologies. Until recently, if you wanted to support high speed connections between applications you had to write direct calls to the IBM i database. These were often fragile and hard to maintain. If a change was made to the IBM i data schema, it would break the interface—often in production.

With Eradani’s new high speed connection technology, you can connect via loosely coupled APIs. The loose coupling allows you to make changes to either side without breaking the connection. When you do make changes, Eradani will automatically regenerate the connection code for both the IBM i side and the open source side to ensure everything keeps working.

Now, you can easily take advantage of the millions of Open Source components to enhance your IBM i applications without slowing down your business process.

You’ll Learn

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Easily enhance IBM i applications without slowing down your business processes

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Fully take advantage of millions of open source components

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Quickly use high speed, loosely coupled APIs to extend your applications (with real world examples)


Dan Magid

Chief Executive Officer &
IBM Champion, Eradani

Dan has spent over thirty years leading companies that help customers implement new technologies in legacy environments. Previously, Dan led worldwide software development groups that built highly successful modernization and DevOps tools and was the CEO of Aldon, the leading provider of DevOps tools to the IBM i marketplace.

Aaron Magid

Vice President,Open Source Technologies &
IBM Champion, Eradani

Aaron has been writing modern applications to leverage open-source technologies on the IBM i for more than 10 years. His applications are part of commercial products that are installed in thousands of IBM i shops. His work combines open-source languages such as PHP, Java, Node.js, and Python with traditional IBM i,technologies to create leading-edge IBM i solutions.