Eradani Launches “Freedom of Choice” DevOps Suite for IBM i

Companies can now add IBM i to their modern CI/CD workflows using tools like Git, AzureDevOps, GitHub, Jenkins with PDM / SEU, RDi and more

Dublin, CA – October 5, 2023 – Eradani, Inc. launched the Eradani DevOps Suite today, bringing integrated Git version control, build automation, change impact analysis, and deployment tools to IBM i application development. 

“The Eradani DevOps Suite enables IBM i teams to implement modern DevOps practices without disruption,” said Dan Magid, Eradani CEO. “Users can choose the open source tools that best fit their company’s requirements while retaining green screen and RDi compatibility.”

The suite includes:

Eradani iGit: Brings Git version control to IBM i, managing native code alongside web and mobile projects in public or private repositories on GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, AzureDevOps, etc. Maintains comprehensive change history without requiring inline comments.

Eradani iBuild: Automates IBM i application builds by discovering dependencies and recreating changed objects. Integrates with CI/CD pipelines in Jenkins, Azure DevOps, etc.

Eradani iDeploy: Manages automated deployments to IBM i test and production environments with approvals, rollbacks, and status visibility.

With Eradani’s deep IBM i expertise, the Suite enables migration from legacy tools to a Git-based DevOps approach. Tight integration between tools provides traceability, compliance, and faster delivery.

“The Eradani DevOps Suite unlocks efficiency, quality, and speed for IBM i development teams,” said Magid. “We bring the platform decisively into the future of application development.”

The Eradani DevOps Suite is available today. More information about the Eradani DevOps Suite and Eradani Connect can be found on the Eradani website.

About Eradani

Eradani’s mission is to enable our customers to transform their IBM i systems through technology and training.

Eradani seamlessly integrates IBM i systems with modern platforms and tools. Eradani Connect securely integrates the IBM i with open source technologies like Java, JavaScript, Node.js, and more. Eradani DevOps enables unrestricted use of top DevOps tools including Git, Azure. DevOps, and Bitbucket for comprehensive CI/CD on IBM i. Companies can leverage any IDE, backlog manager, automation platform, and 3rd party developer tool.

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